Calendar of Ceremonies 2020

A year long immersion into body, earth and soul. The journey takes place over 3 long weekends and an 8 day retreat for the ancient rite of a 3 night solo nature vigil. You are welcome to attend a single lodge or to travel throughout the whole of the year. If you feel called to the solo vigil you will need to apply in advance as well as attending all the lodges. There are only 6 places for the vigil so early application is advised.

March 27th – 29th

July 3rd – 5th

September 12th – 19th

November 25th – 29th

The work is offered as a give-away. Payment is by donation only. You pay what you can afford. Donations cover the costs of land rent, wood, travel for the lodge crew, preparation time etc. As a guide, donations for single lodge weekends tend to be in the region of £50 – £200 and in the region of £400 – £800 for the solo vigil.