Ah, not to be cut off,

not through the slightest partition

shut out from the law of the stars.

The inner — what is it?

if not the intensified sky,

hurled through with birds and deep

with the winds of homecoming.


We do not live on the Earth, we came out of it, like a wave. There is a legacy deep in our tissues, when we were wildlife, when we were elemental.

But we are moving through such a thicket of excess and distraction, smothered and saturated without being the least bit satisfied. We need a moment of breakage, a clarion call to alert us to the mystery of ourselves and the universe around us.

Every culture came from the same place. Every spiritual tradition came from the same place. It came from Nature. And so we go back to the place it all came from and we listen, and ask, and connect. Nature is the wisdom we are seeking.

Restoring the wisdom of our own nature, inhabiting our bodies and reuniting with their sacred intelligence is perhaps one of the most powerful actions we can take in the world.