Women’s retreats 2022 – 2023

…in the circles where we face ourselves, 

we listen like a miracle, 

and I reclaim the song which is mine…

Janice Mirikitani

A human being is a living mystery. In our essence we are ineffable, both spiritual and profane. We are wild and luminous creatures. But we have forgotten our original instructions. We have forgotten our nature. That the small world of our bodies are not separate from the great body of the living, breathing earth.

Words can only take us so far. Where words end, the inherent wisdom of embodiment begins. As we give up our agendas for self improvement we begin to befriend our life. Participating in the movement of life we begin to return to the experience of being at home in our bodies, perhaps for the first time since we were very small children. 

Drawing from the rivers of depth psychology, movement therapy, perennial philosophy, deep ecology and ceremony we will nourish and explore our being in the world through non stylised and environmental movement, embodiment practices, solitude and connection, wild swimming and the ancient pan-cultural ceremony of the sweat lodge.

Time and space to remember the things we didn’t know we had forgotten.

2022 Non residential retreats located in the hills, lakes and woodlands of Mid Wales.

Spring Retreat – May 19th – 21st

Autumn Retreat – September 9th – 11th

Pricing based on personal/professional circumstances.

£350 / £250 / £150

There are 6 places available per retreat.

2023 Vision Fast Ceremony

May 5th – 14th

Pricing based on personal/professional circumstances.

£850 / £650 / £350

We will come together for 10 days in which we will cross the threshold into 3 days and nights of fasting and solitude, returning to companionship and the incorporation of our stories.

There are only 4 places available per year for the vision fast so early application is advised. Please be aware that you will need to have previously attended an Earthtongue retreat or worked with me individually before applying.

I encourage women to commit to the ceremony 6 to 12 months in advance, allowing adequate gestation time for their inner and outer preparation.

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