The Invitation

We do not live on the earth, we are the earth. Restoring that wisdom, inhabiting your body and reuniting with its sacred intelligence is one of the most powerful actions you can take in the world

We are moving through such a thicket of excess and distraction, smothered and saturated without being the least bit satisfied. We need a moment of breakage, a clarion call to alert us to the mystery of ourselves and the universe around us.

A human being is a living mystery. In our essence we are ineffable, both spiritual and profane. We are wild and luminous creatures. But we have forgotten our original instructions. We have forgotten our nature. That the small world of our bodies are not separate from the great body of the living, breathing earth.

Earth Tongue offers a sacred space to begin to remember the things we didn’t know we had forgotten. A way to remember to remember. It draws from the rivers of indigenous wisdom, depth psychology, perennial philosophy, shamanic practices and deep ecology. We will journey alongside each other working with the resources of restorative silence, solitude, darkness, movement, dreamtime, fasting as well as feasting and the ancient ritual ceremonies of the sweat lodge and the solo nature vigil.