The Elements

We might have left the natural world, but the natural world has not left us. There is a legacy deep within us, deep in the tissues, when we were wildlife, when we were elemental. We don’t live on the earth, we came out of it, just like a wave. We are not stranger’s here”


Once we have tasted silence we know that it is medicine. Silence is not an external absence of noise, rather it is found in the deep wellspring of the soul. To dwell with silence is to experience it as a companion presence. It restores and renews our being and thus refreshes our capacity to receive and truly be in relationship. We learn to be present and to awaken to our own inner communion. We know we can come back to that wellspring within us, even in the fire of our busy everyday lives.


To be alone used to be seen as being ‘all one’, to be wholly one. Intentional solitude is the balm for the sickness of our perpetual distraction. It heals our weariness. Traditionally women set aside time to go to a place that was sacred to her, a tree, a river, a cave to come into communion the song of nature and her own melody within it.