“I am not the teacher. Nature is the teacher. I am simply a guide.

We have always been here. We belong to these places. They are sacred to us. Our collective memories go far back, beyond what the modern world considers history.  We have shared this world in all the four directions for many thousands of years. There have been many human nations here through the ages with their own beliefs and languages, economic, political and social systems and medicinal, ecological and other forms of knowledge. Through our various traditions we recognise the delicate interdependencies of all life, that everything in the universe is connected. That everything has being and deserves respect.

I do not worship the sun, the moon, the animal nations and forms of Nature as gods but rather recognise that they are symbols of mysteries that cannot be explained in words and they all lead back to the greatest mystery of all. Through these symbols, ceremonies and rites of passage I recognise the same ultimate creative force. I believe that these ancient forms of knowledge can help address urgent matters for the world today”.

Emma Rich has worked in the healing arts for over 30 years. She is a U.K.C.P. accredited integrative psychotherapist, environmental movement artist and a rites of passage guide. After several years apprenticeship she was given permission to be a ‘water pourer’ in the All Nations tradition. Her background training lies in Advita, meditation, yoga and bodywork.

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